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Introducing the Peaceful Pages Collection

THIS EMERLYE ARTS COLLECTION was affectionately crowned by visionary artist Cynthia Emerlye who called them her "peaceful pages." The Collection was originally published with the intention that the participant would use them as a guide for observing their own spiritual wellness in the same way that Cynthia Emerlye and her children used Emerlye Arts for themselves in their own lives.

The Peaceful Pages were created to enjoy as a refuge where you may access your spiritual self using the art that is within you. “Cynthia Emerlye would explain that, whatever spirit that may end up looking like for you, or wherever your spirit may end up bringing you, it is somehow exactly what she believed you are meant to see.” — R.E.E.

Peaceful Pages was envisioned by Cynthia Emerlye, the original creator of Emerlye Arts, just before she crossed over in October of 2017. Today her youngest daughter, Rachael Edith, recreates this line for publishing and adds her story to it. She provides them again for all of the world to enjoy with a brand new Peaceful Pages Guide and a chapter book that shares her and her Mother’s directions and experiences describing how to use Emerlye Arts Peaceful Pages for yourself the same way that she used them herself with others like you.

Anyone at any age can use, or have help using one, or a few, or all of the items in the Peaceful Pages Collection to create art that the spirit of the participant wants to see. Enjoy our Peaceful Pages models of interpretation to find out why.

There is absolutely no formal art education required to work with these Peaceful Pages. Emerlye Arts coloring projects are designed for the participating artist to use with colored pencils, markers and pens. There is no wrong way to do art!

The first book in the Collection — A Tangle of Flowers Peaceful Pages Coloring Journal has been reissued this Spring and is now available for order. The other books in the Collection are in the works and will be available for order beginning in early 2021. Please bookmark this page, revisiting often, to get updated release information. Remember to sign up for our eNewsletter, too, containing more Emerlye Arts news, products, and collection updates.

I hope you will enjoy reading the descriptions below of each book in the Collection — they will give you a little glimpse into the wonders that await your creative and spiritual being! Thank you for visiting; we hope you will come back often.

— Rachael Edith Emerlye

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The Peaceful Pages Collection

Emerlye Arts is very pleased to announce that we will be republishing the full set of the Peaceful Pages Collection beginning in early 2021. Displayed below are representative images and a short introduction for each of the eleven books. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email us, or use the Guest Book below to send us your comments and questions. We love hearing from the thousands of Emerlye Enthusiasts all over the world... Enjoy!

Painted Into Carpe Diem

A book by Rachael Edith Emerlye. This chapter book is about renowned Vermont artist Cynthia B. Emerlye and her youngest child of six children, Rachael Edith. Though based on both of their lives, it is written as a fictional story that describes the path of reincarnation they have been traveling together throughout time, and how Cynthia's art is a core element of their journey as they try to realize their path sooner and sooner as they pass through each lifetime.

The chapters describe the journey story of a Mother and a Daughter who lived doing what Cynthia Emerlye called "dream walking" through their life. Written by Rachael Edith, she recreates the story of her Mother dream walking Emerlye Arts into their mutual existence. The story continues to evolve and transition into Rachael continuing the journey of her own life after her Mother’s passing from cancer in October 2017. Having inherited Cynthia's extensive collection of work, she also continues the journey of Emerlye Arts, and continues to realize, grow, and acknowledge the depth and wellness of her own spirit. Traveling on this new path, Rachael seizes each day, using her own lifetime to joyfully and gratefully carry on her Mother's vision quest sharing Cynthia's art with the world.

Through words and artistic examples, the story will enjoin the reader, helping them to recognize, reflect upon, and translate the callings of their own spirit. By reading Painted into Carpe Diem and throughout each participant's use of the Peaceful Pages Collection, we feel that each person will enjoy a realization and understanding of their own deep life path, experiencing a lifetime of spiritual well being.

*Many of Cynthia Emerlye’s, previous Peaceful Pages participants have found that the spiritual realm they each find when interpreting with their own spirit is a place that they instantly recognize as familiar. These same participants also found that, previously to using the Peaceful Pages, they did not know how to recognize their spiritual realm because the line between their mental and their spiritual being was not clear to them. Peaceful Pages helps everyone to interpret the signs their own spirit is indicating as they go along through their days on earth as a being whose spirit may be guided by a higher realm.


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